Folks, I had to say goodbye to my wife Fenke. The past few months have been all about and all attention has been focused on her last phase of life. Now that this is over, we will fulfill a big wish from her, a bus with which we can transport people with a severe disability and spend the night in it. A cross between a Camper and an Ambulance. In other words, a ‘Cambulance’. continue to shape. We already have the bus and we are busy in the background. So in March we will also profile ourselves to the outside world and we will really start promoting and searching for donors and Patreons. We deliberately postponed this because we believe that fundraising includes obligations towards the donors that we could not fulfill at that time. Now that Fenke has found her final resting place, my caring task is over, and I can focus on the Double Decker Bus project.

The text on the mourning card is : 

Fight against the current

against an invincible disease


You fought for a year and a half

like a lioness until your body

said to you, ‘it is enough’.

I thank everyone for the patience and trust in our foundation.

See you soon!

Rob Stolk

President Double Decker Bus Foundation

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