No words :-(

Folks, I had to say goodbye to my wife Fenke. The past few months have been all about and all attention has been focused on her last phase of life. Now that this is over, we will fulfill a big wish from her, a bus with which we can transport people with a severe disability […]

Important Update

It took a while but here we are.  By the way, we haven’t been sitting still in the meantime.  The foundation is a fact. AND we bought the double decker bus!.  Piece of humor is that we thought we were buying a red bus.. The bus is yellow 😉  So we can adjust all the […]

One step further

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Update: Hi everyone, I’ve been quiet for a while for which I apologize.  Just when you think you’ve seen and experienced everything, something happens that you can’t do anything with and it hits like a bomb.  My already disabled wife has been diagnosed with ALS and it goes downhill very quickly. Because of this, I […]

First start

Hi there, we are working hard to set up the foundation. A lot of work and a lot of rules 😉Also working on the first video for YouTube where we will layout our plans. To be continued…..

Setting up the foundation.

We are one step further with setting up the foundation. At this time. we already have 4 board members who are very excited to take part. We have a board member who owns his own firm in finance.  A board member who has his own physiotherapy practice. A board member who works in care for […]

Hello world!

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